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Tournament Information - NCAA Requirements, Schedule

NCAA Certified Event Registration Requirements<---ALL TEAMS READ!

The following apply to all teams in grades U15/9th through U17/11th only:

Since the Nike Summer Championship games are within the NCAA "live" dates, Division I, II, III, NAIA, and Junior College coaches will be allowed to attend and observe prospects.

To be a NCAA Certified Event, teams and participants must also meet certain NCAA requirements. These requirements must be completed by all teams in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade divisions. The following steps MUST be completed by every team:

Verify that this event is NCAA certified by visiting certified basketball events and summer leagues on the NCAA website.

All teams participating at an NCAA certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event. Failure to register and submit all required information will result in a team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events. Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.

All individuals who are involved in coaching activities at a NCAA certified event must be have a USA Basketball Coach License and be approved by the NCAA prior to participation in the event. Coaches should RENEW their existing USAB gold license and NOT obtain a new one. If the coach obtains a new license, then it will not auto-validate in the BBCS and will delay their access to the BBCS for 2018.This must be completed in order to sit on a bench at any NCAA certified event.

Check-in & NCAA Certification Check<--- ALL TEAMS READ!


  • Before your first game: Please arrive at your site of play one hour prior to the start of your game. You and your team will be able to check-in at:
    • PUT-A-PLACE-HERE (Friday & Saturday)
    • PUT-A-PLACE-HERE (Friday ONLY), and PUT-A-PLACE-HERE (Friday ONLY). You cannot play your game without being given a wristband that distinguishes an NCAA Certified Coach from a Spectator/Student.
  • All other games: Please make sure you give yourself and your program plenty of travel time to get to your venue where you’re scheduled to play.
  • The Nike Summer Championship Forfeit Rule is reiterated below, and will be strictly enforced.NCAA Regulations do not allow us to begin games after 10:00PM.

If you’re late, your team will FORFEIT that game. NO EXCEPTIONS!
*** For every day of the event, 5 minutes will be allotted from the scheduled start of the game.
Every minute thereafter this grace period, a point will be awarded to the team present at the game for up to 5 minutes
(Ex. If you arrive 8 minutes late, 3 points will be awarded to the other team at the start of the game). At 10 minutes, a forfeit is called.

  • Player admission to any site: The only way a player or team can get into a site without paying the Admission Prices is to have their Team Jersey ON their person.
    If a player does not have their Team Jersey on their person, they will not be allowed to enter ANY site without paying the admission price for that day.
  • Coach admission to any site:
    The only way for a Coach to enter any site in the Nike Summer Championship is to have the proper color wristband ON HIS/HER WRIST. If you’re a coach without the correct wristband color, you will not be allowed entry into a site without paying the admission price for that day.




Information on the Nike Summer Championship schedule will posted in a banner announcement at the top of this page when it is available. The best way to keep up with the schedule and possible changes is to use the TNBAOhio app on your phone.


Entering more than two teams? Multi-team discount is available.:

If you are entering more than two teams for the Nike Summer Championship tournament, discounted registration cost is available. Contact the tournament director, Gene Reddy (contact info at the bottom of this page) for a coupon code to use during the online registration process.

Tournament registration cost is as follows:

  • one/two teams: $425 each team
  • three/four teams: $400 each team
  • five or more teams: $375 each team


Registering more than two teams?
Or for more information...
contact Gene Reddy:

Mobile: 216.338.5885

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